Monitoring of Agricultural Pests – SpyFly

Monitoring of Agricultural Pests – SpyFly
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Our belief is that there is no dividing line between tradition and innovation. As in art, in the research and implementation of experimental agriculture practices, innovation aligns with contemporary.

Smart agriculture

Monitoring pests and diseases is a key step in the efficient management of a modern farm.

Identifying pests at the right time can save far more money on farmers, make the pest control program more effective and allow farms more sensitive to the theme of our planet’s preservation to make the most of the opportunities offered by modern techniques of biological fight.

For this reason, Agrorobotica is developing an innovative project to monitor crop parasitic insects, starting from those harmful to olive groves and vineyards, through a family of automatic pheromone traps called SpyFly.

SpyFly is the result of multidisciplinary studies and researches that lasted two years. The final product combines the knowledge and the experience of each actor involved and applies them with a completely innovative software and technology algorithms.

The information gathered is the heart of an information system developed ad-hoc. The algorithm, combined with an increasingly precise predictive capacity, is able to establish in advance the presence of pests, such to justify the targeted actions.


SpyFly offers farmers an innovative tool for pest control.

The automatic, real-time SpyFly crop monitoring network, can be easily controlled by smartphones even for those who own large groves. SpyFly, thanks to the development of predictive models still in progress, can warn farmers in advance as soon as the ideal conditions of a possible attack occur and, thanks to the capture and recognition of dangerous pests, warns of the presence of an attack in progress.

SpyFly Olive

SpyFly Olive with its innovative and functional shape is designed on the behaviour of the Bactrocera Oleae.

Any SpyFly is able to acquire and transmit autonomously at pre-set intervals not only information on the presence of insects but also on their type, number and last but not least, their evolution over time.

Proprietary algorithms and specific hardware have been developed for the SpyFly family.

SpyFly Olive – Weather Station

SpyFly Olive also works as a weather station allowing you to have information on the evolution of insects in relation to weather conditions.

The remote management SW of any SpyFly reduces human interaction by limiting interventions.

Thanks to its design the SpyFly family can be easily integrated with additional HW and SW solutions.

The patent application of SpyFly was filed with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office on 24 January 2018.

“Agrorobotica Srl: Project co-financed under POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020”

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