AGROROBOTICA S.r.l. is an innovative startup created in June 2017. Agrorobotica is involved in the design, production and marketing of drones, agricultural monitoring systems and the programming of their learning algorithms.

Agrorobotica is made up of a diversified and heterogeneous group of professionals with expertise ranging from economics to archaeology, from agronomy to engineering.

AGROROBOTICA is involved in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of semiautomatic vehicles (eg drones) that, using learning and machine learning algorithms, are able to carry high-tech sensors (internet of things) and to use advanced systems of communication (unified communications) in order to provide innovative solutions based on the processing and display of acquired data.


Research and development costs for the first business year will exceed 15% of the higher cost and value of production.

The company does not have any right on industrial and intellectual property.

The company currently has no on going professional relationships with certified incubators, institutional investors, universities and research centres.

The list of members already registered in the business register is up to date and is transparent with respect to trustees or holding companies.

The company does not hold any shareholdings in other companies.

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Ottobre 2017 – La Nazione – AGROROBOTICA è la Start-up più innovativa della provincia

‘Individuare, filmare e catturare gli insetti dannosi alle colture agricole, quindi condividere le relative informazioni attraverso un sistema cloud….’ (leggi l’articolo: Agrorobotica_innovativa)

Giugno 2018 – AGROROBOTICA is awarded the prestigious prize for innovation R2B at SMAU 2018

‘Agrorobotica, sensori e big data per l’agricoltura
Andrea Sozzi Sabatini, Amministratore Unico di Agrorobotica S.r.l.: “Ho applicato le nuove tecnologie dell’agricoltura 4.0, dopo una analisi di mercato e dopo aver coinvolto esperti di diverse discipline”…..’ (read the article: Agrorobotica_SMAU 2018)

20 Giugno 2018 – Agrorobotica: la startup che usa i droni per catturare gli insetti che danneggiano le colture agricole

‘Con Andrea Sozzi Sabatini – Fondatore e CEO di Agrorobotica – abbiamo parlato della startup innovativa che si occupa della progettazione, produzione e commercializzazione di droni e sistemi di monitoraggio in ambito agricolo.”…..’ (vai all’articolo: Agrorobotica_Exportiamo)

SMAU award for innovation

Awards and recognition

At SMAU 2018 we were awarded the prestigious prize for innovation.

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