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Affresco del 1400
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Agrorobotica is also involved in cultural and artistic heritage projects to develop and promote Italian art. Find out how we recently discovered and are in the process of restoring a 14th century fresco in Tuscany.

The Forgotten Fresco

In 2016 Andrea Sozzi Sabatini bought an apartment in Scarlino (Tuscany, Italy) in which there is a fresco whose attribution, still unknown, has been traced back to a fine hand of the second half of 1400, probably Sienese.

Besides being a staggering discovery, the Tuscan fresco offers a unique opportunity to enhance and promote Italian excellence in artistic restoration. The restoration has been entrusted to the professionalism of Marco Marchetti and Isabella Gubbini.

The Scarlino frescoes were discovered in what was once known as the Holy Cross Oratory. The building, constructed in 1200 by Pannocchieschi, over the centuries has undergone various renovations. The scenes are related to a large Crucifixion. The visible section of the fresco depicts the elders, the Marie mourners and soldiers. The fresco has a high pictorial quality.

Agrorobotica, together with Olive Grove Partners, is sponsoring making a video documenting the work of the restorers in the recovery of this masterpiece. In the next future the building will host the headquarters of Agrorobotica and Olive Grove Partners in addition to a state of the art private Museum.

Timelapse: Fresco Restoration

The documentary aims to illustrate the current techniques of pictorial restoration and retouching and to give testimony to the talents of two masters of Italian restoration whose work allows the preservation and enhancement of the Italian and international artistic heritage.

Survey by Professor Vittorio Sgarbi

The historical value of the fresco was confirmed by Professor Vittorio Sgarbi, who made a visit during the summer of 2016 and made this short video. (clicca qui).

Fresco Restoration

A short video showing the fresco discovered in Tuscany and details of the restoration project that is now under way.

The restoration of the fresco will be documented by professional film maker Lara Peviani.