Targeted agronomic interventions

Mirati interventi agronomici

The fourth industrial revolution is already underway and the agricultural industry will be heavily affected.

Research and recent innovations are making it possible to apply precision farming techniques at increasingly competitive costs.

Newly available technologies allow precise interventions to be made exclusively to specific areas of land or on certain plants thanks to the use of drones and autonomous guided rovers.

AGROROBOTICA, with its innovative monitoring systems interconnected through a Cloud-based decision-making platform, counts on being a key player in this “green” and eco-sustainable revolution.

The SpyFly sensors allow us to remotely record and monitor pest capture whilst collecting a series of atmospheric data deemed necessary for efficient monitoring of the crops themselves. Since SpyFly is a technological Hub that transmits and processes information in the Cloud, the next step in its development see SpyFly interact with drones and rovers to perform targeted agronomic interventions in line with the need to obtain cleaner and more environmentally friendly agricultural methods.