Biological revolution

Rivoluzione biologica - Biological revolution

Agriculture is undergoing a profound transformation, a biological revolution. On the one hand, there is the progressive increase of the world population, and on the other, continuous increase in labour costs are pushing farms all over the world towards increased mechanization and the use of new technologies.

When water is readily available investment is directed towards crops that can be grown intensively in order to obtain:

(+) steady yield;

(+) consistent quality;

(+) increase in production;

(-) cost reduction;

The flip side of this type of agriculture is linked to the problems of pathogenic attacks and parasitic insects due to the higher concentration of tree crops, which leads to increased use of pesticides. This dynamic runs the risk of being in stark contrast to the increasingly need for cleaner agriculture.

SpyFly meets the need of farmers and consumers looking for a greater respect for the environment thanks to our real-time monitoring of crop health and the presence of their insect pests.

An early warning automatic alert systems allows farmers to quickly intervene, making the best use of the organic products currently available on the market before parasites become a problem.