Agriculture 4.0

Agricoltura 4.0

Precision Agriculture and Internet of Farming together give birth to Agriculture 4.0.

Agriculture 4.0 means the interconnected access to the state of the art technologies aimed at improving the yield and sustainability of crops, the quality of production and processing and, last but not least, the working conditions of the operators in the sector.

The cross analysis of environmental, climatic and cultural factors, now possible thanks to the available applications, allows to establish with precision the irrigation and nutritive needs of the crops, to prevent pathologies, to identify pests before they proliferate; consequently it is possible to intervene in a targeted way, saving resources while carrying out more effective interventions in line with the respect of the environment.

Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to determine the most appropriate time for harvesting so that the product can be harvested at the most suitable time.

Thanks to Agriculture 4.0 it is possible to trace and certify products from the field to the processing industry, shorten the supply chains and create efficiency in the production processes and in the exchange of finished products and the information associated to them by connecting all the actors in the value chain.