Aziende partner

AGROROBOTICA has signed agreements with Italian and international partners to successfully develop its products.



The Institute was founded in 1952 by Prof. Gino Passerini, an internationally renowned scientist whose name is related to the resolution of the problems of Hydraulic Science and Soil Defense. According to institutional tasks, the Institute provides physical, chemical and biological soil research to extract technical and economic elements that promote soil conservation and its ecosystems, environmental protection and the increase of the national agricultural production.


The Department of Architecture was born from the application of the reorganization of the administrative and didactic structures of the Universities in application of the Gelmini Reform (Law, 30/12/2010). The new structure uses the acronym DIDA (Department of Architecture) and comes to life from the reunification of the various departments already present in the Faculty of Architecture, later transformed into the School of Architecture.

Olive Grove Partners

OliveGrove Partners is a state-of-the-art company in experimental modern farming. Through its brand Etrurio, it produces a series of extra-virgin olive oils of the highest quality and other experimental crops such as Pistachio and Feijoa.

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Pistachos del Sol

Pistachos del Sol, is a Spanish company that selects, manufactures and manufactures pistachios following strict quality controls to make it available to the most demanding customers.

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Serbios is an Italian company founded in 1991 specialised in technologies with low environmental impact, for the prevention of parasite attacks on plants, their care and nutrition.

On the back of the collaboration project between Agrorobotica and Serbios, Agrorobotica will leverage on Serbios’ skills for the development of SpyFly using their pheromones and adhesive papers.

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