Precision Agriculture

Drone in agricoltura - Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is an agricultural management strategy that uses modern technologies to make improved agronomic interventions by taking into account the actual cultivation needs.

Precision agriculture is based on two assumptions:

  1. access to a reliable and extensive database;
  2. access to the best technologies available on the market;

With SpyFly, AGROROBOTICA equips farmers, agronomists, oenologists and research institutions with an advanced monitoring and analysis tool to support their daily work.

Agrorobotica has recently signed a deal with ADPM Drones to work together to provide an innovative proposal for farmers on the detection and control of agricultural pests.

Through the SpyFly monitoring system, we are able to detect and identify harmful and parasitic insects in real-time, and monitor the environmental conditions where our robotic traps are installed. ADPM Drones brings to the project their drones that, hosted by “hangar”, take-off and land autonomously when activated by a signal to then adopt a series of countermeasures based on the information received from the monitoring system.

Both Agrorobotica and ADPM Drones are backed by TH2, a Milanese startup accelerator, specialized in Digital Manufacturing and AgriTech.

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