Agriculture 4.0

Precision Agriculture and Internet of Farming together give birth to Agriculture 4.0.

Agriculture 4.0 means the interconnected access to the state of the art technologies aimed at improving the yield and sustainability of crops, the quality of production and processing and, last but not least, the working conditions of the operators in the sector.

The cross analysis of environmental, climatic and cultural factors, now possible thanks to the available applications, allows to establish with precision the irrigation and nutritive needs of the crops, to prevent pathologies, to identify pests before they proliferate; consequently it is possible to intervene in a targeted way, saving resources while carrying out more effective interventions in line with the respect of the environment.

Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to determine the most appropriate time for harvesting so that the product can be harvested at the most suitable time.

Thanks to Agriculture 4.0 it is possible to trace and certify products from the field to the processing industry, shorten the supply chains and create efficiency in the production processes and in the exchange of finished products and the information associated to them by connecting all the actors in the value chain.

Targeted agronomic interventions

The fourth industrial revolution is already underway and the agricultural industry will be heavily affected.

Research and recent innovations are making it possible to apply precision farming techniques at increasingly competitive costs.

Newly available technologies allow precise interventions to be made exclusively to specific areas of land or on certain plants thanks to the use of drones and autonomous guided rovers.

AGROROBOTICA, with its innovative monitoring systems interconnected through a Cloud-based decision-making platform, counts on being a key player in this “green” and eco-sustainable revolution.

The SpyFly sensors allow us to remotely record and monitor pest capture whilst collecting a series of atmospheric data deemed necessary for efficient monitoring of the crops themselves. Since SpyFly is a technological Hub that transmits and processes information in the Cloud, the next step in its development see SpyFly interact with drones and rovers to perform targeted agronomic interventions in line with the need to obtain cleaner and more environmentally friendly agricultural methods.

Forecasting models

Agrorobotica stands out for the collection, management and protection of data and their organization and storage in dedicated databases, which is used to create forecasting models.

In addition to attracting, capturing and identifying parasitic insects, each and every SpyFly collates a series of atmospheric data such as: temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality, that once correlated with the recorded attack phenomena, allows the realization of behavioral and forecasting models of insect attack.

The Artificial Intelligence with which SpyFly is equipped allows self-learning and, by combining the data collected from multiple traps, to create forecast models specific to the place of installation.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is an agricultural management strategy that uses modern technologies to make improved agronomic interventions by taking into account the actual cultivation needs.

Precision agriculture is based on two assumptions:

  1. access to a reliable and extensive database;
  2. access to the best technologies available on the market;

With SpyFly, AGROROBOTICA equips farmers, agronomists, oenologists and research institutions with an advanced monitoring and analysis tool to support their daily work.

Agrorobotica has recently signed a deal with ADPM Drones to work together to provide an innovative proposal for farmers on the detection and control of agricultural pests.

Through the SpyFly monitoring system, we are able to detect and identify harmful and parasitic insects in real-time, and monitor the environmental conditions where our robotic traps are installed. ADPM Drones brings to the project their drones that, hosted by “hangar”, take-off and land autonomously when activated by a signal to then adopt a series of countermeasures based on the information received from the monitoring system.

Both Agrorobotica and ADPM Drones are backed by TH2, a Milanese startup accelerator, specialized in Digital Manufacturing and AgriTech.

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Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring – Bringing YOUR business to YOUR fingertips

Each Spyfly is powered independently by solar panels and also functions as a weather center, allowing us to gather information on the changes in insect population with respect to the climatic conditions.

Smart Monitoring means that all data can be accessed through a Smartphone App, reducing the presence of farmers in the field. Once you have registered your SpyFly system and user profile, you can monitor your business real-time and remotely.

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Thanks to the AGROROBOTICA developed technology, the farmer receives real-time alerts in the event of the presence of harmful insects allowing for swift and effective action to be taken in the field.

Capture of parasites

Current methods of insect and pest monitoring are inefficient. They typically require installation and continual manual monitoring of pheromone traps. The visual identification and counting of parasites insects must be done by a field operator who, based on the identification, must decide whether to intervene.

Our goal is to limit human intervention in the field to a minimum, reducing the costs of monitoring thanks to the sending of real-time information on the presence of parasites.

This information, combined with other data gathered in the field, are processed by self-adaptive algorithms that can anticipate and therefore prevent attacks, limiting crop loss for farmers.

Biological revolution

Agriculture is undergoing a profound transformation, a biological revolution. On the one hand, there is the progressive increase of the world population, and on the other, continuous increase in labour costs are pushing farms all over the world towards increased mechanization and the use of new technologies.

When water is readily available investment is directed towards crops that can be grown intensively in order to obtain:

(+) steady yield;

(+) consistent quality;

(+) increase in production;

(-) cost reduction;

The flip side of this type of agriculture is linked to the problems of pathogenic attacks and parasitic insects due to the higher concentration of tree crops, which leads to increased use of pesticides. This dynamic runs the risk of being in stark contrast to the increasingly need for cleaner agriculture.

SpyFly meets the need of farmers and consumers looking for a greater respect for the environment thanks to our real-time monitoring of crop health and the presence of their insect pests.

An early warning automatic alert systems allows farmers to quickly intervene, making the best use of the organic products currently available on the market before parasites become a problem.