Founding Members

Soci fondatori

AGROROBOTICA is composed of a group of professionals with heterogeneous skills ranging from economics to archeology, from agriculture to engineering.

Founding Members

Andrea Sozzi Sabatini

Andrea Sozzi Sabatini – Founder and CEO

Andrea has had a long career in finance mainly in London and Zurich. Since December 2015 Andrea is CEO of Olive Grove Partners and since June 2017 is the CEO of Agrorobotica S.r.l.

Stefano Guerri

Stefano Guerri – Co-founder and CFO

Stefano, is a chartered accountant with many years of experience as a financial consultant at the CNA in Siena where he is the current CFO.

Luca Passalacqua

Luca Passalacqua – Co-founder and Commercial Director

Luca has run the Classical Archeological Laboratory at Siena University since 2008 (part of the Department for Historical Sciences and Cultural Heritage.