Innovative start-up requirements

Agrorobotica Srl incorporated in Siena on 12/06/2017 by deed of the Notary Dr. Roberto Ceni
Address: Scarlino (GR), Via Generale C. Citerni n.13
Local unit: c/o TH2 S.p.a – Milan (MI) Via Ventura Giovanni n.22

R&D and innovation activities

Design, production and marketing of semi-automatic vehicles and equipment which, by exploiting learning algorithms, are able to transport sensors with high technological content and to use advanced communication systems in order to provide innovative solutions based on the processing and visualization of acquired data

The research and development costs are greater than 15% of the greater between cost and value of production, as shown by the budgets deposited

List of shareholders, trusts and holding companies

The list of shareholders is updated with respect to trusts and holding companies

List of industrial and intellectual property rights

The company filed two national patent applications

Indication of the qualifications and professional experience of the partners and staff working in the Startup

Sozzi Sabatini Andrea – Founder and CEO
Master’s degree in Economics, MBA in banking disciplines(University of Siena)

Stefano Guerri – Founder
Master’s Degree in Economics (University of Siena)

Passalacqua Luca – Founder
Master’s Degree in Classical Literature, PhD in Classical Archaeology (University of Siena)

Professional or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centres

AGROROBOTICA does not hold shares in other companies

Last financial statements: 31/12/2018