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Using Artificial Intelligence to monitoring parasitic insects

Of all pest control strategies, the integrated struggle leads the way towards a cleaner agriculture, respectful of both man and the environment.

Implementation requires real-time monitoring of insects, using automatic pheromone traps equipped with Artificial Intelligence that can periodically monitor the state of the catch and identify parasites without human intervention.

Currently, pest control in agriculture is a complex operation due to the lack of efficient monitoring of harmful insects, which is currently carried out by means of pheromone traps that must be controlled manually.

Based on these considerations, Agrorobotica has developed for farmers: SpyFly .

SpyFly is a pest trap to be installed in the field that can: photograph, recognize and count harmful insects and transmit the results obtained in real time via smartphone and website.

The spread of SpyFly represents a real revolution in the agricultural world as regards the monitoring of the state of health of crops and the integrated control of their pests.

Work with us

SpyFly is much more than a robotic trap. Thanks to the possibility of inserting specific sensors and connecting the trap to weather stations, SpyFly turns into a real-time technological Hub that allows the farm monitoring from your Smartphone.

A hi-tec product

SpyFly stands out for its very high technological content both in terms of hardware and software.

Artificial Intelligence and self adaptive algorithms

SpyFly is equipped with auto-adaptive algorithms that combine data collected from insect catches with those detected by installed sensors. The Artificial Intelligence with which it is equipped allows self-learning and, by combining the data collected from multiple traps, to create forecast models specifically for the place where they are installed.

Ecological and recyclable materials

AGROROBOTICA pays great care to the environment, creating the SpyFly using ecological and recyclable materials.

Innovative design

The SpyFly family has been designed and built to make the capture of pests as efficient as possible according to their entomological characteristics.


We are a leading company in modern experimental agriculture.

Premio Smau - innovazione in agricultura
Premio SMAU 2018

At SMAU 2018 we won the prestigious innovation award.

GIP SkyDeck acceleration program

Agrorobotica has been selected to participate to the GIP SkyDeck acceleration program at the University of Berkeley.

Our Supporters:

Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore

Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore invests in the agri-tech company that has developed a sophisticated system of algorithms inside the crops, able to detect harmful insects and reduce the use of pesticides.

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