Daily Archives: 31st January 2017


AGROROBOTICA S.r.l. is an innovative start-up created in June 2017 that deals with precision agriculture and farming management. The company’s strengths are the design, production and marketing of agricultural monitoring systems and the developing powerful learning algorithms.

Their flagship product is SpyFly, a robotic trap capable of attracting, capturing and recognizing pests and parasitic insects that are harmful to crops through sophisticated AI algorithms.

Each Spyfly is powered independently by solar panels and doubles as a weather gauge, collating information on the evolution of insects with respect to the climatic conditions.

Thanks to the technology developed, the farmer receives warning messages in the event of the presence of harmful insects allowing a prompt and effective intervention.

SpyFly is equipped with proprietary auto-adaptive algorithms that combine data collected from insect catches with those detected by installed sensors. The development of the Artificial Intelligence with which it is equipped is aimed at combining the data collected from multiple traps in order to create forecast models able to self-learn based on the place where they are installed.

At the end of 2018 AGROROBOTICA joined the acceleration program of the TH2 Milan incubator.

In 2019 Agrorobotica and ADPM Drones signed a collaboration agreement to develop joint innovative projects in the agricultural sector.